Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has shared with us a letter he received from a cloistered sister and his response to her. This exchange of letters is truly very interesting and worthy of attention and reflection. Happy reading.

Novena of Pentecost 2020
Most Reverend Excellency Monsignor Carlo Viganò,
I am a cloistered religious sister, and I am writing to you after a conversation I had with our spiritual Father. Our conversation concerned your latest “Appeal” which has gone around the world to awaken consciences about the imminent danger that is underneath the mask of the “coronavirus” emergency. And it is interesting to note that even non-believers are alarmed at the despotic course of events. The situation is increasingly overwhelming, but the strategy being used by Bergoglio and the forces allied with him employs a technique of isolation and disintegration of any group that could possibly form a counter-force. I call it “counter-force” because the word “resistance” seems to me to be too “human” and somewhat insufficient.
It is most probable that in the near future the preparation for the manifestation of the Antichrist will become ever more imposed and oppressive, also due to the steps that Bergoglio himself will decide to take in preparation. The objective, obviously, is to eliminate the “hot heads” – those who are subversive and who stand in the way of a plan that has already been designed and that now waits for nothing else other than to be fully realized. The concern that I expressed to our spiritual Father is the fact that there is no “counter-organization” even within the “true Church” that could be a sort of “clandestine Church” capable of mobilizing itself in a coordinated way to the extent that this may be possible. [...]
If Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe called the Blessed Mother “The Ever-Victorious One,” it is also true that the Bull of Pius IX authoritatively declares her to be “The Eternal Enemy” of the devil. And you know better than I that the battle to which I refer is precisely this one: the real stakes in this battle are the eternal salvation of many souls.
And so this poor letter wants to be a small encouragement to you not to give up and also to continue in a constructive dialogue with those “few” but good clergy and religious who are suffering for the same reasons. There could be many inspirations of the Holy Spirit in these souls in close collaboration. As for the slanders, misunderstandings, and various personal attacks they are making you suffer, these are all things that you have known personally and that represent the jewels set in the crown that awaits you…but it is a “crown” that is not yet complete: the Immaculata wants to place the most precious jewels in it herself.
I would like to conclude with a reference to the famous miracle attributed to Saint Clare which caused the Saracens who were already on the walls of her monastery to flee and never return. The miracle occurred as a result of her faith – she who was defined as the most faithful “Footprint of the Mother of God” – and it was in virtue of her love for the Most Blessed Sacrament, the True Light against any sort of darkness. I say this because “these” are the “powers” in which we trust and which are so feared by our enemies. The miracle occurred only at the last moment, when all human hopes had been erased. If the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart is not far off, now is the time of the battle, and she who is our Leader and Co-Redemptrix wants to see us fight, suffer, and implore Her Victory, which is already at the gates. [...]