US Billionaire Tested For Covid-19: Strange Results

The American billionaire Elon Musk, a critic of the Coronavirus lockdowns, underwent on November 13 four (!) Covid-19 tests one after the other.

The same nurse performed them with a BD Veritor™ Plus System which is produced in the United States an commonly used for rapid testing.

The result: “Two tests came back negative, two came back positive.” Musk's comment, “Something extremely bogus is going on.”

This guy has the ear of my children.
guys like this that have a voice should speak up ,and tell the world ,what is going on ,is it because of the famous reset ???????
Our Lady of Sorrows
"Death of free speech in UK, Queen remains silent, does not defend her people"
First time Elon tell truth?
Eugene M
I would love the Queen to speak.
Our Lady of Sorrows
The Queen never abdicated or objected when Abortion was made law in the UK with murder of now over 9 million of her people.