Francis Gave a New Interview: Did Anybody Notice?

The unavoidable coronavirus hype was the first topic in a verbose interview Francis gave to (September 29).

The interview was largely ignored. Francis calls the hype a “pandemic” repeating his mantra that every crisis makes us “better or worse.”

He launched an attack against the political hypocrisy of the U.S.: “It makes no sense for a nation to commit itself to giving a democratic political system to a poorer nation, and then to retain the use of its resources for itself.”

For Francis moral theology must help to understand those "sins" that the world no longer perceives as such. One wonders why “sins” is put in quotation marks, and which “sins” Francis has in mind.

He polemicises against the Jewish doctors of the law who reduce the law to cases which are “ultimately manoeuvrable depending on convenience.” However, this corresponds to the “case by case” casuistry advocated by Francis.

Francis romanticises that “you see the crude reality without mask” only from the “peripheries” while from the centre “you have a sweetened, distorted vision.”

The “peripheries” are for Francis “what the people really live,” “the work, the culture, the singing of the people.” Francis never sings, “Also, a music concert that gathers many young people is periphery.”

At this point, it is clear that “periphery” is an empty term. Francis goes on saying that “Jesus condemns sin, not the sinner,” which sharply contradicts Mt 23 which he quotes in the same interview and where Christ condemns the Pharisees.

Francis believes that Christ is at the door and knocks “but he knocks from inside the Church because we do not let him out.” Here too, Francis seems to be fighting his own shadow, because he prefers to talk about left-wing politics rather than proclaim the unwatered wine of the Gospel.

Picture: © Mazur,, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsJefzwndrav

Wow! Topless female nudity in Catholic cartoons. :P