When you see the proaborts up close, you see sexual perverts. The rage and disorder they project is their own self-revulsion. They hate the unborn because their lives are the product of normal heterosexual actvity wh oil ch they reject.
I'd like to know why the police didn't arrest the spitters. That's Aggravated Harassment since it's motivated by (relgious) bigotry. Try spitting on a homosexual during one of their rallies and see how quickly the po-leese whip out the steel bracelets.
Fr. Fidelis Moscinski taking on the culture at pro life rally in NYC. John 15:20 “If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you: if they have kept my word, they will keep yours also.”
"If I can succeed in saving only a single soul I can be sure that my own will be saved." St. Dominic Savio
Hugh N. Cry
Courageous meets the demonic
De Profundis
"I usually say what I really think. A great mistake nowadays. It makes one so liable to be misunderstood." ~Oscar Wilde
Live Mike
These are such courageous Christians... May God bless them and Our Lady protect them always!
They should keep their eyes open an look to them...