His old mentor would approve?
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Can a pope ban the sun from shining or the tides of the sea? As much as he can ban a liturgy of immemorial origin, here long before he was born, and that will still be here long after he is gone.
Ah... but the pope isn't the one banning the liturgy. One of his cardinals is. Sneaky Francesco is sneaky. ;-)
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Cardinal Gregory Cancels Pontifical Mass
“Obeying” an illegal law
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Gullickson is not obedient, he is cowardly, just as the bishops and cardinals were cowardly - if not traitors - when Paul VI banned the traditional mass.
Have it in a stadium and invite the whole country!
Former Catholic in his diocese, "As my former Archbishop, I can assure you he will never fail to do the wrong thing."
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Go and say something to your BLM supporters. Ah, that there are none. OK