Christmas Campaign: Financial Insights
Eugene M
WOW wow just the way it is!!!

Fr. Altman: The blood of babies is 'on the hands' of bishops if Biden wins in 2020
The church is in apostasy
You think? If it is, it's been that way for a long, long time.
Great point! I have to say that I never seen it as blatantly obvious as now. It could just be that I was not paying as close attention as I am today. I think that things were kept under wraps . Now it’s out in the open.
It's impossible for the Church to defect from the Faith. More evidence that the Church of the Second Vatican Council is not the Catholic Church
Eugene M
I understand your frustration. I think he was dumped to it somehow. I still believe he was a saint Pope.
Cuthbert Mayne
She’d look great in her red dress.
Disappointing, and not surprised.
It took some doing to find someone worse than Wuerl the girl, but here we are with this lisping FrancisHomo.