“Good Arguments Make No Difference," Power, Money Decide

The Synodal Process in Germany is designed to manipulate the faithful into accepting a "new Church," the German author Gabriele Kuby told (January 23).

We are not only in politics but also in the Church “beyond the point where good arguments make a difference,” she explained.

Now, matters are decided by "power" and "money.”

Kuby suggests going beyond the frontline and even risking a backlash, “We won’t make any difference as long as we try to protect ourselves.”

Picture: Gabriele Kuby, #newsWppopiqoqs

Frà Alexis Bugnolo
do the Germans not remember the catastrophe of the Reformation? Does the rest of the Church have to endure this German error again?
Gabriele Kuby is a hero
We can not have two gods , Money and God .We should follow the Criator and His son Jesus Crhist
What a pathetic situation.