Cardinal Intends to “Donate” His Eyes

Addis Ababa Cardinal Berhaneyesus Surafel, Ethiopia, pledged to donate his eye “after death,” (February 22) reported.

“To donate an eye is to donate the most valuable gift,” Surafel philosophised, “To help restore those who lost their eye vision is to light the country.”

Lemelem Ayele, the Director of the Ethiopian Eye Bank, said that religious leaders need to encourage eye donation, as many people decline them “on grounds that it is against religious teachings.”

Unlike all other organs, the cornea can still be removed up to 72 hours after the [real] death of a patient.


Sadly, organ donation is not "first come, first serve", it's based on "priority" with the usual corrupt medical boards making the decisions. The wealthy and the powerful will always have more "priority" more than you.
Dr Bobus
Yep, 70 is the upper limit for a heart transplant--unless you've been Vice President.