Cuthbert Mayne
Is that real hair or off cuts from Trump’s last haircut?
Rather the Miss Piggy wig.
I doubt it will seem so funny when the government pushes for more abortion and homosexuality while attacking Christianity. @DefendTruth
Gallows humor helps.
Let's hope that's simply a metaphor. ;-)
"Every country has the government it deserves." Joseph de Maistre, Lettres et Opuscules
Louis IX
Yes, we deserved 4 more years of President Trump but instead we are getting the fraud Bidet.
It’s weird to see grown adults pretend Biden is some new guy on the scene & we should give him a chance. He is 78; we’ve known for years who he is. A new title doesn’t change that.
This man does not even know what sex he is and Democrats are keen to go along with his abomination.