Live Mike
Keep running those beads, folks! Pentagon: 8,500 US Troops on “Heightened Alert” For Possible Deployment in Case NATO Activates Rapid-Response Force Over Russia-Ukraine Tensions

Pentagon: 8,500 US Troops on "Heightened Alert" For Possible Deployment in Case NATO Activates …

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby on Monday said 8,500 US troops are on “heightened alert” for possible deployment in case NATO activates its …
Louis IX
How about heightened alert to our own border? What a joke.
The New Knights Templar
Suppose Francis and the Catholic Bishops are thinking about the consecration yet? Sorry, what a dumb question. 🤔
Live Mike
Ha ha
Live Mike
After the Russian invasion begins, after they see Muslim Jihadi sleeper cells running through St. Peter's Square dicing and dismembering clerics... then will they recall their greatest sin of omission. Their failure to do the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in strict accordance with the command of God.
The New Knights Templar
LOL!! If only we could see their faces.
Live Mike
Pale white filled with horror
8,500 troops less to deal with on US soil?
Hugh N. Cry
Rumor of wars - possibly since covid message is falling apart, vax not working or not enough got it, Biden family implicated in foreign schemes, pedo exposure etc. Time to shift to another scare.
Jeffrey Ade
Please no more wars ,But if it happens put the all politicians in the front lines specially those governing now ,and leave the yonge lads at home with their families ,