What a smear theater

Minneapolis mayor sobs uncontrollably at gold coffin of George Floyd at memorial led by Rev. Al Sharpton
...and the victims of this violent rabble? Will Mr. Mayor be attending their funerals? Visiting the survivors in the hospital? No?
Alex A
Now we are 'stooping' low.
De Profundis
If it looks like a hostage situation, it probably is.
Roberto 55
Are they waiting for ISIS "heroes"?
F M Shyanguya
Theater! Completely correct. Actors playing roles assigned. All for their Master Deceiver.

Cf. FLOYDgate: George Floyd’s murder was either a pre-planned public execution or completely staged hoax!
Roberto 55
Maybe he is laughing, nobody can see what he is doing under mask. But anycase he is a hypocrite and coward.