The Hellgate (Antonio Socci)

An Uprising of the Cardinals Has Stopped (For Now) The Bergoglian Heresy on Hell. The Staged Denial and the Risk of Impeachment. by Antonio Socci April 1, 2018 www.antoniosocci.com/una-sollevazion…
Whether hell is denied or not, it seems all of them, including politicians, have sold their souls to Satan. This means the loss of love, morality and the destruction of creation.
Strange and confusing things from the Vatican
paul grech
Lord Jesus have pity on us for we are not only sheep without a shepherd but with a pretend shepherd who is a heretic and a spawn of satan.
He who neglects to serve Mary will die in his sin ;
He who neglects to leave Vatican II will end up in the Antichrist.
Celui qui néglige de servir Marie mourra dans son péché ;
Celui qui néglige de sortir de Vatican II finira dans l'Antéchrist.