Revealing! Curia Cardinal Blames Church For Biden’s Abortion Support

Cardinal Peter Turkson, the Prefect of the Vatican Dicastery for Promoting Integral Development, worries about Joe Biden’s views on abortion.

He told (January 20) that these views are contrary to Church teaching but rooted in “not having done our work as a Church.”

This has allowed “certain tendencies to become main features of our societies” and enabled a ["Catholic"] politician to emerge who represents them, as Turkson puts it. He wishes that the Church can work with Biden "to probably find a middle way” [between life and death?].

Francis shares Biden's views on climate change and poverty ideology, mass-immigration, and pleasing the rich and their media.

One of the biggest donors for Biden's Inauguration is the murderous abortion network Planned Parenthood. Hours before becoming the US president, Biden attended a January 20 Eucharist in Washington Cathedral (video below).

Picture: Peter Turkson © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsGjiijhdqjt

Oh. He noticed just now, did he? Where were his worries when Mr. Biden was still campaigning? Oh. They were. shelved over here
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As my teenagers used to say...."DUH??!!!". The bishops are solely to blame, full stop. If they had an ounce of supernatural faith, they'd be quaking about their upcoming judgement.