Normand Thomas

96. The refusal

Beyond the cause of evil on the person, there remains for us a principle that is undeniable. Even if we know that evil is mainly caused by the evil prince, it progresses when one or more people let themselves be tempted.

If, for example, someone starts bullying a student at school, he will experience the consequences of this bullying. He will “feel it deeply”. And this evil will develop in him, since he is a victim.

If other people know that he is intimidated and they are joining in, they increase the harm. They place invisible bricks around this person and they slowly build his prison. The victim will live the evil in all the fibres of his being and in his heart.

Evil is pernicious. Diseases are related to evil. Evil will not come from the one who is intimidated unless he decides not to let himself be loved. He suffers the consequences of the hurt caused by people who distance themselves from God’s desired Love.

The spirit of contradiction keeps us away from God. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to counter the surge of God’s Love for us.

Health problems are related to the rejection of Love in our life, simply because we use stratagems and we exile ourselves away from Love. Unless this evil is caused by many. That said, the rejection of God’s Love in others can also cause illness and evil that progressively destroys us.

Only the Love of God can bring back everything good, keep us from harm and give us freedom. We do not want to be around evil, but sometimes we slip into it.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: Let’s be Loved, Normand Thomas
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