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Pro-life atheists invade the American Atheist Convention

Photo ~ Kristine Kruszelnicki, Kelsey Hazzard, and Michael Crone at the 2012 convention.

Pro-life atheists invade the American Atheist Convention

March 29, 2012 ( - “The atheist community is a diverse community,” said a speaker at the American Atheist Convention in Washington, D.C., to a round of applause and cheers.

“We’ve got people here from all genders, races, religious backgrounds, and sexual orientations.”

But as Secular Pro-Life discovered after setting up an information table at the convention and mingling among the 25,000 participants of the Reason Rally the day before, for many atheists, the enthusiasm for diversity ends where the philosophical line on issues like abortion begins.

“There’s a war on the womb” said Elizabeth Cornwell, executive director of the Richard Dawkins Foundation. “A war based on dogma, a war based on ignorance, a war based on lust for power.

The religious radicals want to enshroud women in an invisible burqa.

They want to take away a woman’s right to control her own body.

This is not about declaring a blastocyst as a human being. No…This is about eradicating a woman’s right to take her full place in society!”

As a secular pro-lifer I believe my case is scientifically and philosophically sound.

Science concedes that human life begins at fertilization, so it follows that abortion is ageism and discrimination against a member of our own species, based on characteristics outside of their control.

As I listened to another speaker denounce all pro-lifers as “religious bigots who seek to enslave women and occupy vaginas,” it bothered me to see the pro-life position dismissed in its entirety alongside other dogmas of religion.