So forget your plan: "Merkel urges Germans not to kill their grandparents this Christmas"
's okay. I suspect many conservative minded Germans have someone else they'd much rather see dead.
A horrible suspicion that has sometimes haunted me is that the Conservative and the Progressive are secretly in partnership. That the quarrel they keep up in public is a put-up job, and that the way they perpetually play into each other's hands is not an everlasting coincidence.
Why not hug the grandparents and kiss them. Love is worth the risk.
It reminds me of pro-lifer Monica Miller who says the greatest tragedy of the unborn being aborted is that they die alone.
Why not talk to the grandparents: Grandparents do not let yourselves be killed by your kids this Christmas.
Love the sick, physically and spiritually, then let God decide when death comes for both of you. How much more divine can it be?