Wrong? Brazilian Parliamentarian: Francis Is "Bum," Doesn't Care About Souls

São Paulo State legislator Frederico Braun D’Ávila, a partisan of President Jair Bolsonaro, practicing Jew and supporter of the Israeli apartheid-regime, criticised Francis and the Brazilian bishops during an October 14 legislative session.

He attacked Aparecida Archbishop Orlando Brandes who had criticised Bolsonaro’s pro-gun stance accusing him of disseminating "fake news."

"You naughty Brazilian Bishops' Conference," D’Avila said calling the bishops a "rabble," bums," and "rascals" who submit "to this vagrant pope."

Accusing the Francis bishops of "political proselytism," untruthful and disseminating fake news and calling them “shameless pedophiles,” he noticed that "the last thing you take care of is the spirit, the well-being and the comfort of the people’s souls.”

For D’Ávila, the Brazilian bishops are "a cancer that needs to be extirpated from Brazil." After he had said what he needed to say, he "retracted."


Jeffrey Ade
I was just wondering if the "practicing jew" is right about the pope and bishops?
Defeat Modernism
He's worse than a bum, he is a godless and immoral man. He is a wolf and a 'pope' for the perishing.
Francis is patently a sodomite as well as a heretic. He's a bum boy.