Secret Service Blackmailed Guilty Priests

Unofficial agreements between the Ministry for State Security (Stasi) of communist East Germany and Catholic dioceses covered up sexual misconduct by clerics or helped them relocate to the West, according to a new study by Uniklinik-Ulm.de found (VaticanNews.va, February 25).

More interestingly, the accused clerics were forced to cooperate under pressure from the Stasi.

The study was conducted by psychiatrist Manuala Dudeck for Hamburg Archdiocese. It examined the Stasi files of 19 defendants in Mecklenburg (former GDR) between 1946 and 1989. Names are withheld for data protection reasons.

Picture: © Maximilian Schönherr, wikicommons CC BY-SA, #newsPujcwguzyv

John A Cassani
Of course the Stasi blackmailed pervert priests. That’s just the sort of thing that secret police forces do. We still need more digging to see just how much this dynamic goes on within the hierarchy of the Church. It is certainly widespread.