Powerful Defender of Roman Mass Never Celebrated It

`s-Hertogenbosch Auxiliary Bishop Rob Mutsaerts, Netherlands, is “not concerned” about a response of the Vatican to his powerful essay criticising Traditionis Custodes.

He told (July 7) that he doesn’t think Rome worries about the opinion of “an unknown auxiliary bishop in this tiny country” because “they have other matters to worry about.”

Mutsaerts added that he has never celebrated the Roman Rite himself, “And I am not old enough to know it from my youth, so my comments have nothing to do with nostalgia or anything of that kind.”

The bishop has published several courageous posts on his blog including a sharp criticism of the Amazon synod, and of Francis’ controversial Amoris laetitia. Certainly, Mutsaerts will never be promoted by Francis although - for the sake of appearances - Francis likes to tell people to be "bold."