New Milan Archbishop Wants “Welcoming” Church

On Friday, Pope Francis named Milan Auxiliary Bishop Mario Delpini (65) as the new archbishop of Europe’s largest diocese with five million Catholics and 1'100 parishes.

Delpini is known for using a bicycle. In his first address he promised to "listen to everyone”. He praised "synodality and co-responsibility" saying that Milan diocese should be “creative and welcoming”. Such formulations usually include everybody except Catholics.

Delpini succeeds conservative Cardinal Angelo Scola whom Francis sends into retirement at the age of 75 which is unusual for a Cardinal. According to the journalist Rocco Palmo the dress code of Scola and Delpini "says everything" - the former wearing cassock, the latter suit. It was however Scola who made Delpini in April 2012 his vicar general which is the second function in a diocese.

Picture: © Geobia, Wikipedia, CC BY-SA, #newsPjdzfzbuhi
Yep, Welcoming everyone for getting baptized! 👍 👏 🙏
Welcoming? Yup, for muslins, jews, hindus, etc. Traditional Catholics. Take a hike, buddy!