Vatican cardinal says women’s ordination is ‘wrong path’

Cardinal Marc Ouellet, prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, is pictured in a 2018 photo. (Credit: Philippe Vaillancourt/Presence via CNS.) ROME…
We dont know if Mary and the other women were or were not at the Last Supper they could have been in the room preparing things ,we know that they were part o those that follow Jesus and preparing things like meals and so forth
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Since the Virgin Mary was not present at the Last Supper table.

All the religion rulers have been creating something the founder never said.
Same to Catholic Church.
Mathathias Maccabeus
Are you Catholic?
Mathathias Maccabeus
Also, the bible only mentions the 12 apostles there, so it isn't "creating something the founder never said", it's using the Bible that doesn't mention anyone other than the 12.
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Dear @Mathathias Maccabeus , All the .. was my another comment (off topic , my profile). I am sorry.
Y' think? ;-) Sadly, Church leadership has been on the wrong path for some time now.
Such courage!