Swedish Cathedral Installs Homosex Altarpiece

The Lutheran St Paul's Cathedral in Malmö, Sweden, installed on Sunday the country’s first homosex altarpiece.

It is a persiflage of Lucas Cranach’s “Adam and Eve” (1528), but features instead of Adam and Eve black and white homosexuals in lewd poses.

The piece, painted by the self-professed Lesbian Elisabeth Ohlson, 59, was considered "too political" for Skara Cathedral, Sweden, in 2012.

In 2014, pastor Helene Myrstener wanted it for St Paul's Malmö, but the church management rejected it. However, five years later it was put on the wall in the choir of St Paul's.

Sofia Tunebro, another St Paul's pastor, received the piece “with pride and joy.”


Hugh N. Cry
Fake church, however, God will not be mocked.
It's raining homoheretics hallelujah.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
Malmö has been one of Sweden's leading "Muslim-friendly" cities. Someday this will be just another mosque.
They will be installed under the earth, when their lives end...