Pereat Ecclesia: This Is the Vatican’s Trial That Will Do More Harm Than Good

Ten people will be tried before the Vatican Tribunal which begins on 27 July:

1. Cardinal Angelo Becciu
• his brother Antonino’s Spes cooperative received €225,000
• his brother Francesco’s carpentry shop rebuilt the windows of the Nunciature in Egypt without a tender and got the measurements wrong so that the work had to be redone; Francesco charged €112,000 for work carried out in Luanda archdiocese, Angola.
• Becciu ordered payments to Cecilia Marogna through the Secretariat of State in January 2019 although he was not working there anymore.
• he tried to interfer with the criminal investigations through a press campaign.

2. Becciu’s former secretary Monsignor Mauro Carlino
• likely due to his incompetence, he helped the broker Gianlugi Torzi to obtain an undue advantage in a financial operation whose suspicious nature he should have recognised.

3. Becciu's collaborator Cecilia Marogna and her company
• received € 575,000 from the Secretariat of State (= Becciu) for “intelligence work” which she spent almost entirely on luxury purchases.

4. Tommaso Di Ruzza, the ex-director of AIF, the Vatican Financial Supervision Authority
• he helped Cardinal Parolin to receive an illegal loan from the Vatican Bank
• he used credit cards assigned to him for off-site work expenses for spending over €25,000 on restaurants, bakeries, diners, bars, and a nautical charter.

5. René Brülhart, the former president of AIF
• he overlooked irregularities in the London transaction and did not react.

6. Fabrizio Tirabassi, a former official of the Secretariat of State
• he helped Torzi to get control over the Vatican’s London estate

7. Enrico Crasso, the main manager of Vatican finances, and three of his companies.
• he convinced Becciu to make reckless investments.

8. Torzi’s lawyer Nicola Squillace
• he helped Torzi to execute his schemes.

9. the financiers Raffaele Mincione
• gave the Sloane Avenue building a value of £230 million compared to a slightly earlier valuation of £129 million
• he turned another toxic investment, the Post Office building in Budapest, over to the Vatican.

10. Gianluigi Torzi
• the main beneficiary of the London property scheme.

Strangly, Cardinal Pietro Parolin is not among the defendants although he requested in March 2019 from the Vatican Bank a €150 million loan to cover investments made even though the banking institute is not authorised to grant loans.

A detail: A report fo the Gendarmaria Vaticana shows that Cecilia Marogna entered the Holy Office building on7:00 p.m. on 16 September 2020 with a suitcase and left it on 11:49 a.m. on 17 September 2020. This was after the police investigations had started. Becciu’s apartment is in this building.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsQdwttniygg

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