Francis' Pachamama Christmas Concert Cooperated with Soros' Golden Boy

Francis' Pachamama Christmas concert was a fundraising event for the Don Bosco Missions and for Francis' Scholas Occurrentes which promotes gender-ideology.

Clips advertising social projects of Scholas Occurentes (below) were shown during the concert, including a recent tree-planting scene with Francis.

An Argentinean cooperator of Scholas Occurentes is the IRSA Foundation which promotes “inclusive” education.

IRSA is Argentina's largest business empire, run by Eduardo Sergio Elsztain, 59, a follower of the Jewish Lubavitcher Rebbe, Argentina's largest real-estate developer, and owner of most of Argentina's shopping malls.

George Soros became a leading investor into Elsztain's IRSA in the 1990s. Elsztain was called “Soros’ Golden Boy” and Francis called the billionaire “a friend” when he visited Rom in 2014.


la verdad prevalece
Scholas Occurentes promotes the shaman who proselytizes the pagan idol Pachamama
Claudius Cartapus
The concert of Pachamama directly in the mouth of the snake, in the Paul VI Hall… Do you see the fences of the snake ?
Gesù è con noi
Salesian dissidents do not promote Catholic missions but cultural Marxism.
Gesù è con noi
Gesù è con noi
An unholy Alliance the UN, Soros and Bergoglio papacy www.youtube.com/watch
The worst element in the case of Christmas is that Big Business, which stands for everything that is arrogant and ruthless and ugly, has done its best to exploit Christmas, which stands for everything that is humble and compassionate and beautiful.
That's bad-- Pachamama Worship and teaming up with Soros is worse.