Sarah: Coronavirus Has Panicked Triumphant Modernity

Cardinal Robert Sarah regrets that the Church has committed herself to the struggle for a "better world.”

He explained to (May 19) that, accordingly, the Church is now fighting for ecology, peace, dialogue, solidarity, and an equitable distribution of wealth.

Sarah admits that this are “just" causes but observes that this is not the Church's primary responsibility because her "only raison d’être" is Faith [or: liturgy].

For him, the coronavirus has revealed an “insidious disease” which is eating away at the Church because, in this crisis, the Church has behaved like a “worldly institution.”

However, the coronavirus has also shown the collapse of a triumphant modernity in the face of death, Sarah observes, "It's paralysed by the fear of death." And, “It will never solve the enigma of death. Faith alone has the answer.”

Sarah is aware that the promises of technology make it possible to forget fear "for a moment," but in the end these promises "prove to be illusory when death strikes.”

Picture: Robert Sarah, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsKjcnasytlq

Novella Nurney
I thought the reason for the Church existing was " the salvation of souls",not " faith". Faith and liturgy play a part of that, but false religions have faith and liturgy, but not the capacity to save souls.
That's a exceptionally astute distinction. Lucidly stated, as well.
Please God, reset the world with the 3 days of darkness soon....
De Profundis
"The Church has committed herself to the struggles for a better world. She has been right to support ecology, peace and the equitable distribution of wealth. These struggles are just but they could make us forget the words of Jesus: My kingdom is not of this world" Cardinal Sarah
All is vanity