“On Easter Sunday the Gardai set up checkpoints all around our church building,” the Pastor said. “The officers stopped each person coming to the church, they were questioned and had their personal details taken. This was extremely upsetting, indeed frightening, for many. They were told they were committing an offence, but then allowed to enter the building.

Irish pastor given prosecution notice for Easter service, facing 6 months in jail | Gript

A non-denominational Christian pastor has been given a prosecution notice and threatened with up to six months in prison by Gardaí for opening her …
Dont'cha just love it? @Louis IX :P The sad part is she's still showing more courage than many bona fide Catholic clerics.
Louis IX
Ireland behaves now the same as France during revolution 1789 or after 2015, Spain during the Republic or Mexico or the USSR or .......
Louis IX