Vatican: “A Hard Blow for the Pope” – Why?

Argentinean President Alberto Fernández will go ahead with his murderous plans to introduce abortion.

Several bishops called this "unsustainable and inopportune" as, in the midst of Covid-19, the health system has more urgent problems, writes Clarin.com (November 17).

They call the move a distraction in the face of the country’s problems, and say that murdering children is Fernández’ only election promise he intends to keep.

According to Clarin.com the Vatican said that the law which Congress rejected two years ago, would be "a hard blow to the Pope" because “more conservative sectors that question his pontificate” would use it to criticise Francis who supports Fernández.


Alex A
The killing of the innocent is what we do best in Western Societies, not even COVID-19 is allowed to stop this 'fastest-growing industry.'