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Pensioners of the United States, become a pillar of the spiritual army

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate has previously addressed all sincere and responsible Americans with a call for spiritual mobilization and the establishment of prayer watches (, We also encouraged the Americans in a prophetic prayer according to Ezekiel 37 as well as in a prayer of faith – the lifting up of a spiritual mountain of demonic forces (cf. Mk 11:23). Over the past half century, the satanization of the world has been secretly prepared by the very strong influence of pagan pseudo spirituality. It concerns mainly the popularization of Hindu yoga, transcendental meditation, Buddhist meditations, occult yin and yang, magical acupuncture, homeopathic pseudo-healing and various forms of divination, magic and superstition. One must renounce and break with this false spirituality, that is, a sin against the First Commandment.

God demands continual prayer to save the United States at this critical time. Let us build a net of one-hour prayer watches (cf. Lk 18:1; 1Th 5:17). You, pensioners, are needed to fill the hours during the working day, because students and workers can only start praying when they return from school or work.

At this time, when the spiritual struggle of the forces of darkness culminates, God seeks those who will pray with perseverance and zeal. Politicians, teachers, doctors, priests, pastors, and everyone else need God’s light and spiritual strength to succeed in this struggle. Some of you pensioners live with your children and grandchildren, others live alone or in retirement homes. The third group consists of you who are in long-stay wards in hospitals. Realize that mission and spiritual awakening will not be possible without the battle of those who pray and offer their suffering to God for the salvation of souls.

Until a few decades ago, when there was no television, the elderly devoted almost all their free time to praying for their children and grandchildren. With the advent of television, it was as if someone had entered their private lives and become the center of their attention. Television stole the precious time of their old age, which they could devote to prayer for the salvation of their souls and the salvation of their children and grandchildren. They wasted that big chance because of the TV!

I remember my grandmother, whose three siblings moved to Chicago, USA, more than 100 years ago. Grandma especially remembered the three of them daily in her prayers. She never watched TV. She said it was a time thief. She devoted all her free time to praying.

I also remember another woman, about 80 years old. I asked her, “Do you pray for your children?” She nodded and said, “Yes, and for my grandchildren too. I had eight children. When they were growing up, I had to work from early in the morning until late in the evening to provide for them because I was a widow. At that time, I prayed during my work and offered all my crosses and worries to God. I was looking forward to one thing – living to old age, not being disturbed by anyone and praying to God as much as possible.” I asked, “And how long do you pray during the day?” She smiled and said, “I pray all day long. I’m happy to dedicate all my time to God and prayer now.” I asked, “Do you have a television?” She said, “My daughter brought me one, but I’ve never turned it on. I pray late into the night, I talk to God, and when I wake up at night, I talk to Him again, especially about my children and grandchildren. I ask God to protect them from the snares of the world lest the spirit of lies should drag them into eternal destruction.”

Today, God is looking for people to ask for His blessing and help in this extremely hard struggle that contemporary America is experiencing and that has an impact on the whole world.

I am writing to you, dear pensioners, as the oldest member of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate. I am not writing to you something I have heard or read about prayer, but I am writing to you after 60 years of experience in prayer. I experienced a conversion 60 years ago and the baptism with the Holy Spirit 40 years ago. I could share many experiences of prayer with you, but now let me just emphasize the most important thing:

The first thing is to have a fixed time for prayer. Another important thing is order in prayer. This requires outward and inward self-denial so that you can enter God’s presence through God’s word. But if you are to stand before God, you must first confess your sins, betrayals, and neglect of God’s commandments both before yourself and before God. Then you need to stand spiritually by the cross of Christ and realize that sin separates you from God. Repeat with faith the name of Jesus, Yehoshua in Hebrew, for whoever calls on God’s name will be saved. In this Name is the power of God. At the same time, realize that His blood now cleanses you from your sins, as the Scripture says, “If we walk in the light, the blood of Christ cleanses us from every sin.” (1Jn 1:7) Then you can give God your problems as well as your inner pain over evil and lies that are now destroying not only human souls but also human lives. There is a threat of compulsory vaccination with the aim of perpetrating reduction, i.e. genocide of humanity. You feel pain over many people who are blind and unable to see it. Offer this pain to God, and offer Him also the pain over your loved ones who are under the sway of the spirit of deception, so that they are not able to accept the truth that would save them. Is it not agonizing pain to see them at the edge of the abyss and rejecting help? You can give your pain to God, and He will give you light and strength. He has many ways to save them and to save America. But He requires your faith expressed in an interior dialogue with Him – in prayer.

Traditional prayer is contemplation of Christ’s Passion in the Way of the Cross or in the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary. Another form of prayer is one explained by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 14. He emphasizes that it is not enough to pray in tongues, but our spirit has to pray as well. We are to be focused on God’s word and to abide in it. The prophetic prayer according to Ezekiel 37 ( contains the basic truths of our faith, and if one prays it several times through, one gains spiritual experience. It takes about an hour and twenty minutes. There is also another form of prayer of intense connection with God in a few seconds, when a person surrenders himself completely to God and experiences the basic truth: loving God with all his heart, with all his soul and with all his strength. He gains a spiritual experience expressed by the Apostle Paul: “I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me.” (Gal 2:20)

If you remain faithful to prayer, even if you go through a spiritual desert and do not feel God’s presence, sooner or later the moment will surely come when God will give you special light. Suddenly, you will be clear about what you are not fully able to pass on to others in words. You will also have experience of faith in God, which is said to remove the spiritual mountains of unsolvable problems or evil.

The greatest example of prayer is the Lord Jesus Himself. He carried out an intensive three-year mission; often large crowds came to Him, He taught His disciples in private, and yet He spent whole nights in prayer.

I would like to share many experiences with you, Christians of the older generation, but the most important thing is: Start to pray and persevere! You will thus gain personal experience and will be able to testify to others. Your old age will become fruitful, extremely beneficial, and only with pain will you repeat the words of St. Augustine: “Late have I loved You, O Beauty so ancient and so new!”

We now live in a time when the power of Satan and lies is so intense that we look with horror even at the highest echelons of the Catholic Church. Today, they proclaim the greatest heresies, associated with the enthronization of the Pachamama demon, the approval of sodomy covered by the term “registered partnership”, and the promotion of chipped “vaccines for all”. By abusing ecclesiastical authority, Bergoglio’s Vatican drags entire nations into eternal damnation. It is a miracle that despite great pressure from the mass media you, Americans, elected a President who stood up against the deep state. Similarly, the existence of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate which defends the deposit of faith against an avalanche of heresies is a miracle.

Due to an artificial pandemic this year, globalists are pushing for pointless wearing of face masks, fraudulent testing, quarantine, dangerous vaccines, chipping and depopulation agenda. We have entered the apocalyptic age. We are now facing two options. The first one is a spiritual awakening and the coming of the reign of Christ, but this requires the creation of conditions which depends primarily on you, dear American pensioners. Or the second option: mass genocide of humanity and world catastrophe.

You have been baptized, so you have a spiritual union with Christ. He not only died and rose from the dead. Being God, He is almighty. He says to you, “Whatever you ask in My name, you will receive!” (cf. Jn 16:23) Prayer for America is now the will of God, so fight and persevere in prayer! It is important to unite across the country in prayer from 8 to 9 p.m. Through this prayer, the Spirit of God will enter into your families. Apart from this hour, each of you should choose one hour of your prayer watch. Those who are employed and students keep their prayer guard every fourth week. You, however, as a pillar of prayer mobilization in the United States, should keep praying during your hour daily throughout the month.

Your fidelity to the prayer of faith will lift up the dark mountain of demonic forces which seek to destroy America, and will throw it into the sea of hell (cf. Mk 11:23).

Dear brother and sister, you have an extremely significant task. God counts on you. You are irreplaceable. Join the spiritual struggle as soon as possible! Every day is precious. Jesus has prepared a crown of eternal glory for you. Do not lose it through your indifference!

Gates and other ideologues of depopulation agenda labeled us, people of retirement age, as “useless consumers” who should be eliminated as a matter of priority. This is a satanic program. God, unlike them, has a different program for us. “Men, lift up holy hands in prayer for all who are in authority...” (cf. 1Tim 2:2.8) Therefore, pray for President Trump especially these days. It is through you, dear pensioners, that America and hence all humanity is to be saved. Do not betray God’s trust! Begin to pray the so-called Holy Hour from 8 to 9 p.m. and also choose a specific hour for your prayer watch! You will praise God for all eternity for this simple means of salvation.

+ Elijah

Patriarch of the BCP

November 21, 2020

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate (BCP) is a community of monks, priests and bishops living in monasteries. The BCP is headed by Patriarch Elijah with two Secretary Bishops, +Timothy and +Methodius. The BCP arose from the need to defend the fundamental Christian truths against heresies and apostasy. It does not recognize pseudo Pope Bergoglio and is not subordinate to him.

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