Will Cardinal Pell Be Persecuted for His Prison Letter?

Australian regime authorities investigate whether Martyr Cardinal George Pell "broke prison rules” after a Twitter account published his letter to the group Cardinal George Pell Supporters.

A Victorian Department of [Un-]Justice spokeswoman said on Saturday, prisoners aren't allowed to post on social media or use the internet.

They are also not allowed to ask others to post on their behalf. The department will thoroughly investigate this social media activity, the spokeswoman told AAP.

Any prisoner found to be contravening prison regulations faces disciplinary action.

Well, you don't let him say Mass anymore. Do you want to kill him to punish him more?
Cardinal Pell could have stayed in Rome instead of going to the land (down under) as its known for and is now truly living up to the title, however he went, like a lamb to the slaughter house and if that wasn't enough they pull this stupid stunt. Australia is lucky to have such a holy cardinal offering this false accusation, false imprisonment and now more demonic bull!
God only knows who the victim and who the perpetrator ?
Benedict Joseph
Pell was not the perpetrator. The court case makes that perfectly evident.
Pell's enemies expected to recude the Cardinal to mere prisoner He is a Martyr. Catholics honor their heros.
By unjustly imprisoning Cardinal Pell his enemies made his voice even stronger.