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Crimea 2.0 - Has the process for the annexation of Donbass-Ukraine already begun?

"War May Be Necessary": Russian Lawmakers Push For Donbass Independence Recognition

The speaker of the Russian State Duma is calling for parliamentary consultations over the question of the status of the Donbass region of Ukraine. …
Ukraine is the "bread basket" for the area. It's where most of the grain is grown which is why it is always fought over. Also, the way that Muslim countries are made is the fighting for separation, as if they are victims, but in realty to implement Sharia (Islamic) law and Muslim elitism.
We ask the Lord to give the wisdom to the leaders of the involved countries not to fall into the temptation of starting a war ,because it could end up in a 3rd world war where humanity would be devastated ,what for? who would gain with that end ?
This is what happens when there weak Godless leaders in the western world .that have liberalism and secularism and materialism the way to govern