Health Is More Important Than Holy Mass

The mayor of Agnone, Campobasso, an Italian town of 5.000 inhabitants, forbad all public Masses, after 23 Covid tests turned out to be "positive" in one day.

According to (February 26), the mayor used this ridiculous number to allow only funerals with up to 10 people. His argument: Other mayors in the area have done the same.

Trivento Bishop Claudio Palumbo "accepts" the ban. His vicar general told that “health comes first,” saying that he saw “no problem” with the closures, and expressing his belief that the mayor must have had his reasons.

The Lateran Pacts between Italy and the Vatican explicitly say that the state as no right to interfere in the Church's public worship.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsJpnxnoywzg

It's a tribute to Catholic forgiveness and charity, he's still walking around without a knife in his back.
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Cuthbert Mayne
He will have to answer to God for depriving people of the Sacraments (just as the Bishops around the world - and the Holy Father Francis - will have) to when he’s called to account.