UMass Amherst suspends students for entire semester for not masking off-campus, "That negates this whole semester, $16,000 of money, and they have to reapply for next semester," a parent of one of the suspended students said.

'It's Been Devastating': UMass Amherst Students Suspended For Not Wearing Masks Off-Campus

ANDOVER (CBS) – Andover parents Kristin and Scott are speaking out on behalf of their daughter. She along with two of her friends are freshmen at …
That's insane but Massachusetts is the leader of insanity on the USA's East Coast. It's like the UK except without the hoity-toity accents.
I think that a good higher education is a thing of the past, self study and a few learned friends are the best approach now.
In so called higher education, the communists are in complete control.