Nigeria: More Catholics Murdered - Nobody Cares

Islamic criminals attacked two churches in Kaduna State, northwestern Nigeria, on Sunday, killing three people.

During the attack, 36 people were kidnapped, several houses in four villages were destructed. The assailants escaped.

Weeks before, a similar attack left 40 Catholics dead. Below are pictures of their funeral Mass. Because these crimes regard only Catholics and happen in Nigeria where the West has an interest to contain the influence of the Catholics, the Western politicians do not care about these crimes.


Jeffrey Ade
We do care!
We will never forget our Christian brothers and sisters who lost their lives during Mass on Pentecost Sunday in Nigeria.
That is because this secular society hates Christ and christians
Sally Dorman shares this
Two days after the funerals were held for the 40 people gunned down during Mass on Pentecost, Nigeria saw yet another attack to churches on Sunday, one Catholic and one Baptist. At least three people were killed, and over 30 kidnapped.