Schneider On Fratelli Tutti: Francis Sacrifices The Saviour

Bishop Schneider published on (October 13) a lengthy analysis of Francis’ encyclical Fratelli Tutti (FT). He regrets that Francis reduces Saint Francis in FT to a man who “sought…
Schneider: "Today the Church of Rome finds herself in a similar situation of spiritual collapse, due to the spiritual torpor of a majority of the Shepherds of the Church, the excessive absorption of the Pope himself in temporal affairs, and his efforts to bring about the rebirth of a universal aspiration to a this-worldly and naturalistic fraternity"
Chris Benischek
Betrays our Savior, more like it. As he has done for lo, these seven years, and more.
This NWO pope never mentions Jesus Christ is a center of everything. He forgets that real St. Francis has foretold that he is a "Destroyer."
Right again!