Benedict XVI's Full Letter of Justification Published

The German oligarch tabloid published on September 21 a facsimile of the two letters of justification, former Benedict XVI wrote in November 2017 to Cardinal Brandmüller.

In the first letter Benedict defends his resignation and the adoption of the title “Pope emeritus” noticing however that Pius XII who planned his resignation in the case the National Socialists would have captured him planned to returning being a cardinal.

But Benedict believes that such a return "would surely not have made sense" for him, because,

“I then would have constantly been exposed to the public in the way a Cardinal is – indeed, even more so, because in that Cardinal one would have seen the former Pope.”

Instead he [allegedly] wanted to create a situation "in which I am absolutely inaccessible to the media and in which it is completely clear that there is only one Pope”.

This explanation makes little sense since the former Benedict has regularly kept in contact with journalists, even with such immoral outlets like and keeps dressing like a pope.

In a second November 2017 letter Benedict thanks Brandmüller for expressing his willingness not to comment anymore on Benedict's resignation.