NYPD arrested a 9 year old child in NYC because she didn’t have a vax card in a museum.
NYC finest! They let BLM burn and riot but they arrest children. A real cop would never do that but NYC as very few real cops left. The Gestapo is alive and well there.
Jeffrey Ade
De-fund the police!
3rd Order Postulant
Bizzaro police. Bizzaro laws.
idiots ,following evil laws
Vincent Capuano
covidian monsters
Hugh N. Cry
God save and bless America!
Louis IX
Name the officers someone. This ends when police are too intimidated to enforce this evil.
Louis IX
20th precinct van 4776. Hopefully someone can find the paper trail and ID these officers. This is sick.
Roberto 55
These policewomen are "real heroes" for idiots and in meantime gangsters are doing their "jobs" = robbing, raping, i forgot jihadis, antifa, BLM - like "Pink "Floyd etc. Welcome in America - satan's America...
Hound of Heaven
Shameful and pathetic.
The New Knights Templar
What an ideal way to get community support for law enforcement officers.🤔
That poor child! The badges of Holocaust, .. I mean COVID!