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bitchute.com/video/2j7vdKK2wgnB/ In this intimate sit down interview with the german medicine Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, we discuss the broad issue of corruption in the WHO, how we should understand the "…More

In this intimate sit down interview with the german medicine Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, we discuss the broad issue of corruption in the WHO, how we should understand the "pandemic," or lack there of and how we must stop this diabolical trend towards a fake medical dystopia that will take over all aspects of our lives. He is one of the most honest and thoughtful people we have ever met and has an amazing resume and has lived a rich life full of experiences that uniquely qualifies him to understand the depth and breadth of this complex situation we find ourselves in.

Dr. Wodarg has been a member of the german party SPD (Social Democrats) and was active member of the federal parliament and speaker for health questions. He stopped the panic made with the swine-flu and has knowldge about the structures which influence the politicans.

He began his career as a doctor in internal medicine, was unhappy about the focus on making money off people who were sick so went on to be a public health official in northern Germany where he is from. There he made surveys to measure annual flu waves, by having his secretary calling factories, school and businesses to see if people were at home sick. It wasn't uncommon in a decent flu wave for 10% to be home sick. From there he became a member of the German Parliament. While there the Swine Flu scare occurred and he knew something wasn't right when 800 cases in Mexico was declared a pandemic. He dug into the issue and discovered a hornets nest of lies and corruption inside the WHO. He floored a bill called Fake Pandemic and did much to deflate that fake scare at the time, to the consternation of the corrupt functionaries of these institutions. He went on to work in the Counsel of Europe and is a truly one of the most honorable and honest voices to provide perspective on our current situation. We were honored to get one remote interview earlier in the year and this in person one. Listen and learn from this man of integrity!
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This post serves as a source document for public debates. Please question the content critically and use it as an opportunity for research. Those of you are welcome to share your findings or knowledge in the comments. Written shortly before the pandemic situation (01/29/2020), flu as a challenge for intensive care medicine: news.at/…e-grippewelle-herausfrage-intensivmedizin-11324377 Anyone who has flu is lying a week in bed, whoever has the new one often sits in quarantine without symptoms.

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Very interesting listening here to Dr Wodarg. Good man!