Magnificat: 15 Years Like 15 Centuries

Gloria.tv celebrates its 15th anniversary this autumn. Since 2007, when Gloria.tv started, tectonic shifts have hit the Church and the world.

The world became a manipulation mass of social media including the recent global hysteria over health issues. Meanwhile, the Vatican, once a rock in the storm, turned into a South American banana republic.

In this dramatic situation, Gloria.tv, the only Catholic Social Media, became the biggest Catholic website and one of the most important online apostolates.

The secret of our success: Gloria.tv is developing relationships, connects people and news, information and entertainment.

If Gloria.tv gives you some joy, please consider becoming a donor, too. We humbly ask you, please don’t scroll away, support Gloria.tv. And something more: Please, say a prayer for us - for instance the Magnificat, we love it and we need it. Rest assured that we are praying for you.

Gloria.tv trusts in YOUR generosity, our friends and donors. We have always put ourselves in the hands of God's providence. These are very good hands.

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Picture: © Omer Wazir, CC BY-SA, #newsWsemdhjqwg

God bless all at GTV - thanks for cultivating this opportunity