This happened to me at a church in Rome while vacationing.
I lost my balance halfway walking up the stairs (dizzy from jet lag) and rolled to the bottom. At which time a beggar like the one pictured here, got up and ran.
We told the curator inside what had happened. He said that the beggars are afraid of the Carbonari (police) and fled the scene in case they were summoned.
Was this taken on two separate days? For the first 30 seconds the woman is wearing a grey dress and is bare legged and barefoot but for the rest of the clip she is wearing pink and has green stockings. Same person on two separate days or two different people?
What an actor ,its too bad people like her are doing a deservice to those that are really needing it ,and those that are skim it should be charged , people by watching this clip should not stop giving alms no matter if they are skim it
That's a lot of hard work all the same. The contorted feet were quite a feat! 🚬 She probably would earn more as a street artist.