Nobody Cares: Church Set On Fire, Cross Thrown Into The Flames (Video)

Abortion activist, some of them bare-breasted, used March 8 Women's Day to set the entrance of the historic St Francis of Assisi Church in Bogota, Colombia, on fire.

Local authorities published footage of the crime. A criminal wrote “free abortion” on the church’s walls. Another threw demonstratively a wooden cross into the fire. Only after police intervened the criminals stopped.

March 8 also saw riots against several churches in Mexico, among them the Cathedral of Oaxaca. Stain glass windows were broken, doors, pews, and confessionals damaged.


Louis IX
And there in living color is the linkage of atheistic materialism/marxism (which birthed feminism) and satanism.
They should try that stunt on the nearest mosque, since Allah endorses the patriarchy and violence against women. Of course they don't because Muslims (of both genders) would swarm like ants and stab them.
The devil seems to be now - and for quite some time - very much in evidence and control in South America. How many times have we heard of what can only be called 'abominations' in the church there? Direct attacks against God?
Pope Innocent lll
North America also, we have many subversive priests and bishops, who openly oppose our Lord Jesus' Teachings, they attack the foundation of our Catholic Faith.
These also promote Masonic religious indifference, following their master Francis, and many celebrate masses in honor of sodomy, or preach of it as a gift.
- Holy Saint Joseph, pray for us.