Coronavirus: Suddenly, the Faithful Are Supposed to Be “Legalistic”

The most, he missed the voices of the faithful, Father Dominique Rimaz, parish-priest at Christ-Roi, Fribourg, Switzerland, told (June 2) after two months celebrating Mass without people.

He also insists that Christ said “take and eat it all” not “take and eat it” (singular). However, Christ addressed these words to the apostles only.

In the first Mass after the coronavirus, the creed was not recited “for prudential” reasons. The host was gently “thrown” into the people's hands in order to avoid any contact.

In Saint-Joseph, Fribourg, Father Alexis Morard explains that Holy Water is not “indispensable.” It was replaced with disinfectant.

Of course, no one thought of doing an Asperges.

“I must say, I almost blessed the hydroalcoholic gel: after all, it also contains water," Morard cracks a joke.

A faithful is quoted with the words, “I'm happy to join again with other people, and extend my hands to the sacristan who squirts them with disinfectant. A new rite."

The faitful oblige without complaining according to It quotes a Jesuit [not Francis], "Our audience is pretty legalistic, I'm not worried that they won't follow the rules."

Not everybody is happy, “If we continue like this, we will ruin even more than with two-month without Mass,” a local priest told


The hypocrites of the Argentinean church render more to Cesar than the things that are Cesar's.
F M Shyanguya
@Rafał_Ovile The parallels couldn’t be anymore clearer.

Just as the chief priests and scribes and the elders of the people handed Our LORD over to his passion and crucifixion, in our time it is the hierarchy that handed the Church over to the civil authorities. The Church is following her Head and Groom and LORD.

This is the time.
F M Sadly, it is true analogy. May Christ return and His Catholic Ordo through Our lady. Sursum Corda!
So no communion on the tongue, eh? Flying Eucharists? Welcome to the "New Normal" Mass in Switzerland.