Embattled Bishop: Three Homosexualists and an “Investigation”

Almost three years after former Broome Bishop Christopher Saunders,72, stood aside and later retired, the homosexualist Francis opened an investigation against him.

Because Saunders is a secularist, homosexualist, and accused of homosexual acts, he has Francis’ sympathies. Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge, another homosexualist, was appointed to oversee the investigation.

Saunders stood aside after Western Australia Police had begun an investigation against him which resulted in no charges. He strongly denies any allegations.

For the duration of the “investigation,” Saunders is to reside outside Broome Diocese.

He fleeced the flock, he claimed the flock his own property not that of Christ. He came not to serve.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
The Catholic Church of Vatican II clergy is FILLED with homosexuals. Benedict XVI at least tried to weed them out, and he paid the price. Many think he was forced out.