POLICING: London anti-lock down protest vs BLM protest

Watch the video. Stark contrast.
alfred dunn
It's only England.
Augustyn z Hippony
we are stupid, becouse we let on it. Some on knees when meet BLMcomunists, fight with normal peapel.
We shuld relece our goverments in vote for all what tahy done and do with us.
Our Lady of Sorrows
ex SAS had get speaker in and out of Lockdown Protest, London, UK
no freedom of speech, man on floor, "Photographer saw Police smash his head on the floor"…us/1307766901637087233/photo/1
The men in green taking the knee should be charged with treason.
Western governments have adopted a kind of "selective enforcement" to shape social policy through what is, in theory, the same law applied to all.