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video: www.youtube.com/watch Introduction: The Patriarch and Bishops of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate proclaimed Archbishop Viganò as the rightful Pope. We referred to an extraordinary …More
video: www.youtube.com/watch


The Patriarch and Bishops of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate proclaimed Archbishop Viganò as the rightful Pope. We referred to an extraordinary situation and to prophetic ministry in the Church. Someone can ask: Is Archbp. Viganò the rightful Pope or not?

A similar situation is described in the Bible. The prophet Samuel anointed David king over Israel. King Saul knew about David’s anointing. But he would not respect God’s decision and give up power. Saul was aware that God had rejected him because Samuel had said it to him. But he still did not want to submit to God; on the contrary, he sought to kill David who was anointed by God. David had to hide, and then he had to fight and wait until the time was right for him to assume the office into which God had called him through the prophet.

Archbp. Viganò has not rejected his extraordinary election as Pope. He carries the burden entrusted to him by the Lord. He has become the supreme authority in the present-day Church. He defends the faith and morals, and thus he fulfills the primary duty of the successor of the Apostle Peter.
He has also authoritatively commented on the Amazon Synod.

Quotes from a November 6, 2019 interview with LifeSiteNews. The first question was: How would you characterize the arc of the synod narrative?
Archbishop Viganò, successor of the Apostle Peter, answered: “The abomination of idolatrous rites has entered the sanctuary of God and has given rise to a new form of apostasy, whose seeds — which have been active for a long time — are growing with renewed vigor and effectiveness. The process of the internal mutation of the faith, which has been taking place in the Catholic Church for several decades, has seen with this Synod a dramatic acceleration towards the foundation of a new creed, summed up in a new kind of worship. In the name of inculturation, pagan elements are infesting divine worship in order to transform it into an idolatrous cult.”

What do you think is the most concerning part of the Amazon Synod’s final document?
Carlo Maria Viganò said: “The strategy of the entire Amazon Synod operation is deception, the preferred weapon of the devil: telling half-truths to achieve a perverse end. A lack of priests: they say it in order to destroy celibacy, first in the Amazon and then in the entire Church. The final document of this shamefully manipulated assembly, whose agenda and results have been planned for a long time, is a head-on strike against the divine edifice of the Church, attacking the sanctity of the Catholic priesthood.”

What did the Pachamama saga reveal? And what ought to be done in response?

Carlo Maria Viganò said: “In Abu Dhabi, Pope Francis stated in writing that God “wills” all religions. The Pope has ordered that his heretical declaration be taught in pontifical universities and that a special Commission be created to spread this grave doctrinal error.

Consistent with this aberrant doctrine, it’s not surprising that paganism and idolatry should also be included among the religions willed by God.

The Pachamama saga revealed a blatant and very serious violation of the First Commandment… Veneration of the Pachamama is the poisonous fruit of “inculturation”. The Synod offered a launching pad for this new syncretistic, neo-pagan church, which is dedicated to the cult of Mother Earth. Idolatry seals apostasy. It is the fruit of the denial of the true faith. It is born of mistrust in God and degenerates into protest and rebellion (against God).
We cannot remain indifferent to the idolatrous acts that we have witnessed and left us dumbfounded. It is urgent that we rediscover the meaning of prayer, reparation and penance, of fasting, of little sacrifices … and of prolonged adoration before the Blessed Sacrament.”

What specifically about the Church and her Faith has been put at risk or threatened by the Amazon Synod?
Carlo Maria Viganò said: “With deep sadness, we see the present pontificate marked by unusual facts, disconcerting behavior and statements that contradict traditional doctrine, and which sow a general doubt in souls about what the Catholic Church is and what her true and immutable principles are. If this satanic plan is successful, Catholics who adhere to it will in fact change religion, and the immense flock of Our Lord Jesus Christ will be reduced to a minority. This minority will likely have much to suffer. But it will be sustained by Our Lord’s promise that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church, and with Him it will conquer in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary promised by Our Lady at Fatima.”

What do you think synod organizers have accomplished from their point of view?
Carlo Maria Viganò said: “The Amazonian paradigm is not the end of the transformation process at which the current papal magisterium aims. It serves as a catwalk to ferry what remains of the Catholic edifice towards an indistinct Universal Religion.”

You are the former apostolic nuncio to the United States. What would you think of the laity flooding the Vatican and Apostolic Nunciatures with letters?
Carlo Maria Viganò said: “‘The kingdom of heaven has suffered violence and men of violence take it by force.’ (Mt 11:12) In this gravest of hours, the laity are certainly the spearhead of the resistance. By their courage, they must appeal to us shepherds and encourage us to come forward, with more courage and determination, to defend the Bride of Christ – the Church.”

In conclusion, let us briefly answer the question asked by many Christians after the sacrilegious Amazon Synod whether or not Bergoglio can still be regarded as the rightful Pope.

Instrumentum Laboris and the Amazon Synod under pseudo Pope Bergoglio as well as the pagan ritual in the Vatican Gardens which Bergoglio was actively involved in are public acts of apostate heresy. It is no longer decisive whether or not Bergoglio signs the Amazon Synod’s document. The heretical act was performed publicly. Bergoglio acted here as a Pope rather than a private theologian. He thus took a step towards mass apostasy from the divinely revealed religion to paganism which worships the devil instead of God. It is evident that a Pope of this kind cannot be morally regarded as a true Pope. Those who would follow him would cease to be Catholics; they would become apostates and heretics, and prepare for themselves a place in hell.
What places a heretical Pope outside the Church is not a clearly formulated statement which declares him to be a heretic. It is heresy itself because in the case of Bergoglio it is manifest and stubborn... A heretical Pope is ipso facto outside the Church; therefore it is ontologically impossible for him to be outside the Church and to be her head at the same time. God has appointed a new head of the Church – Carlo Maria Viganò.

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

November 22, 2019