Francis: “To kill in the name of God is a grave sacrilege!”?

Beloved brethren,

Nay, this is the latest attempt by Francis in his promotion of the new Pan-religion of the Vatican II cult of man. Our Church has been occupied by modernist destroyers since the evil "council" of Vatican II. We continue to hope and pray that many more souls wake up to the reality of this crisis we are in. Sadly, individuals of "good will"still caught in the Conciliar sect, will only "free themselves", from the grasp of the New Religion through daily study and investigation into the matter. Francis along with the rest of the modernist pacifists, who preach their Sillionism, have an erroneous perception of Catholicism, the Church, Christ Himself and in the latest news we have Francis once again contradicting what the Church traditionally teaches on just violence/war. This pacifism toward Holy Religion not only is found amongst the Vatican II modernists but it certainly can be found amongst the denominational Protestants who have an erroneous perception of who Christ was, is and will come back as, and that is, as King. "These shall fight with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them, because he is Lord of lords, and King of kings, and they that are with him are called, and elect, and faithful." Apoc 17:14

Verily, these modernists continue to sway men's hearts and intellects away from Tradition by the loosening in discipline and doctrine under the guise of "mercy". Francis, like the modernists before him cling to the liberal heresies of right to religious freedom and liberty of conscience(both Masonic) and continue to preach their condemned social democracy as the world steeps more deeply into the New World order of Man. "You know well how much pain comes from the denial of freedom of conscience and of religious freedom, and how from such a wound comes a humanity that is impoverished because it lacks hope and ideals to guide it,” Francis said. In the new Universalism of the Vatican II cult of man we find philosophical/theological delusion in the pursuit of man's utopia for a "better world" under the modernists distorted understanding of "human dignity".

These modernists are only but a setup for the soon arrival of the "Master Jesus"( false prophet) and Maitreya(potential Antichrist) but do we not have Our Lady's promise of victory which will push back his reign (if it is him)? Answer: Yes we do! "Freedom", which is being preached from these modernists, is nothing more than the "heart and mind's tyranny", that is, to be entrapped with a false sense that in what "I can" pursue (doesnt have to be Catholic according to the modernists) will ultimately bring man into a Utopian state. But it does not stop there for they imply this can also take a soul to the eternal state of happiness! Francis continues: “The changes that have come since the 1990’s have had the positive effect, among other things, of creating the conditions for an exercise of authentic religious freedom,” the Pope continued. “This has made it possible for each community to renew traditions which were never really extinguished, despite ferocious persecution. With this religious freedom has come also the possibility for every person to offer, according to their own religious convictions, a positive contribution; firstly, to the moral reconstruction of the country and then, subsequently, to the economic reconstruction.” Anytime you hear the terms "authentic or "legitimate" coming from the Conciliar church prepare to think otherwise!

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It is the used car salesman approach to try and attempt to validate when it is not possible given the infallible boundaries the Church has laid down. Further, false religions and sects do not provide positive contribution but only ruination (objectively speaking) to the nation and can one in a false sect or religion provide moral stability(being in heresy/apostasy) for the reconstruction of a nation? Answer: In the negative! This once again reaffirms the naturalism coming from Rome and how, very soon, Vatican II's erroneous doctrine of "new or intergral humanism", will give way to secular humanism(Church free of dogma/formal uniting of religions or humanity) as Our Lady forewarned at LaSalette and at Fatima.

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