Tony M
Please…please slow down Jorgy. Let’s have a Synod on the Synod on Synods….Then I think we will be ready for the Third Vatican Council to Change the True & Authentic Catholic Church of 2000 years into the New False Church prophesied in the messages given to Bl Anne Catherine Emmerich.
Maybe Vatican III can declare the Catholic faith invalid and any and all other faiths good and holy.
John A Cassani
Vatican II was the first council to issue no Canons, declaring nothing as Dogmatic. Vatican III will likely go further, abolishing the very concept of Dogma. Of course, it will have no legitimacy.
Live Mike
One wonders how much will remain of the Conciliar Church to abolish after this next Synod
Hugh N. Cry
Perhaps that “council” will be when the ape of the Church, in all its inglorious reveal, will reap its harvest. As for me and my family, I stand with Jesus Christ and his bride the Church and all that She has handed down since the apostles. God give me strength to resist all that is contrary to Tradition.
Live Mike
Why do they need another Council when the same objectives to produce a dogma-free church which embraces One Word Religion can be achieved by limitless Synods?
3rd Order Postulant