A German court dismissed on Friday a challenge, spearheaded by Pavica Vojnović, to a municipality’s ban on a prayer vigil in front of a pre-abortion advisory center. Vojnović led the prayer vigils outside the Pro Familia advice center in Pforzheim, Germany.

Court upholds German municipality’s pro-life prayer vigil ban

“It saddens me that the court has dismissed our lawsuit, thus indirectly approving the ban on our silent prayer vigils near the abortion counseling …
The Germans are the modern Philistines so you can't expect too much !
It’s only when a commitment to the truth costs you something that you know how valuable it is.
Hopefully no one will pass out from the shock a German court has supported German totalitarianism, particularly when it's imposed on a.) Christians b.) those opposing a primary Marxist agenda point c.) both a.) and b.)