Democracy muzzled | Peter Hitchens | The Critic Magazine

Covid masks are a potent symbol of the West’s headlong flight from Enlightenment values This article is taken from the October issue of The Critic. …
"No doubt this self-abnegation and self-cancelling appeals to some." -notably those who realize it's a perfect way to subvert surveillance culture e.g. camera phones, security cameras and integrated facial recognition software. ;-) "Police have released this photo of the suspect" :D
London Cops attack lockdown protestors
Hilary White on Twitter: UK's "second wave" which the government is using as a pretext to shut down businesses, throw people out of work, force the entire country to wear masks, and allowing the cops to beat up little old ladies.
Our Lady of Sorrows
"BBC UK suppressing the truth" Dr Vernon Coleman…the-truth_SD2GfN7EMIjUkSD.html