Marie Julie & 5G?

TRADCATKNIGHT: Marie Julie & 5G?

By: Eric Gajewski

We have entered into a time where we are going to see diseases, pestilences, epidemics and pandemics take a hold of society. I have discussed at length how not only Scripture demonstrates this but also Catholic prophecy. Three Sources are Our Lady of LaSalette (1846), the real 3rd secret of Fatima (1917) and also Marie Julie Jahenny throughout her life.

These pestilences are a reminder to humanity that we are nothing but dust and ashes and no better time to embrace this than during Lent. Marie Julie has spoken of varying diseases to come and the real third secret of Fatima depicts in graphic detail just how bad this specific chastisement will get. But what about one specific calamity to come? Allow me to take a shot in the dark