PM Orbán: Europe can only be saved by returning to Christianity

International conference on persecuted Christians

Europe can only be saved if it “returns to the source of its real values: its Christian identity”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Tuesday at the opening of an international conference on persecuted Christians. “Those we are helping now can give us the greatest help in saving Europe,” the prime minister said in his speech. “We are giving persecuted Christians what they need: homes, hospitals, and schools, and we receive in return what Europe needs most: a Christian faith, love and perseverance.”
“The Hungarian people and their government believe that Christian virtues provide peace and happiness to those who practise them,” Orbán said, noting that protecting Hungary’s constitutional identity and Christian culture was an obligation for each state agency under Hungary’s fundamental law.
“This legacy obliges us to protect Christian communities persecuted across the world as far as we are able,” he said. Orbán noted that the first Hungarian tribes arrived in the Carpathian Basin 1,100 years ago but many other groups had come and gone before them. “To this day Hungarians are curious as to why we were the ones to survive,” the prime minister said.
“According to the most widely accepted answer, our military capabilities and vigour would not have been enough, so the key to our survival was our conversion to Christianity.”
“There are some who see this as primarily a diplomatic feat or one of state organisation, and it was exactly those things, but first and foremost it was a spiritual rebirth and a real conversion,” Orbán said. “The Hungarian people and their government believe that Christianity can help peoples and nations survive, just as it had happened with us,” he added. “Our first Christian king was more than just a remarkable ruler,” Orbán said, adding that King St. Stephen had been a visionary who had given Hungarians guidance and a “spiritual and political compass”.
The prime minister said Hungary was right to stand up for Christianity, arguing that “goodness inspires goodness” and Hungarians’ commitment to helping persecuted Christians “breeds courage”. “Our example can have a far reach,” he said. “Actions can free those who are crippled and restore faith in personal action.”

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